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Welcome to the PlaneShift prospect database.

Use this form if you want to be part of PlaneShift Development Team. This form HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IN GAME REGISTRATION. If you want to play the game go here.

This database mantains data on your profile, tracks progression on tasks and developer comments.
Create a profile only if you think you are talented in one of the requested positions. To create a new developer profile just fill the form below. All the information entered will be visible only to internal PlaneShift developers.

ALL fields are mandatory, for your application to be accepted you need previous experiences and portfolio. Please review this page before continuing.

UserID: Unique ID, can be your name or nick
Real Name:
Verify E-Mail:
Verify Password:
Year of Birth To apply you should be at least 18 years old

Department: Even if you would like to apply to more than one department, we prefer you to apply to just one. Choose the department in which you have stronger skills.
Previous Experiences For programmers: experience with C++. With game programming. With CrystalSpace
For 2d/3d: programs you use to draw/model, how many years you used those
RPG Experience Previous experiences on RPGs. Which tabletop games you played. If you have been DM and for how much time. Which RPG computer games you played.
Portfolio URL to a zip file or web site with some of your work, multiple urls are ok.