Landson June 27-July 4

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I'm now about a month and a half into my project and so far everything is perfectly on schedule. How often is it that a programmer can say that? This week I've actually gotten a little farther than I had planned, I had planned to finish up on the default attack and move on to special attacks, I had planned to not really get much done with them. However it turns out the way I'm making special attacks is much smoother and easier than I had anticipated which is great. I have managed to make a working melee special attack, it runs off of requirement checking scripts and an already implemented progression script. I still need to put in a few more checks an work out a few kinks but as of right now it completely works.

So in summary this week:

  • I fixed the errors I waas having with the default attack
  • I fixed dual wielding to work on 1 handed attacks instead of attacks that deal with both weapons.
  • I fully implemented special melee attacks, not to say thoguh that it won't be changed or tweaked.

Next Week I plan to:

  • Continue testing melee specials
  • Start implementing range specials, maybe even complete them.
  • ?Start looking in more detail how I will create the gui part, and overall planning what client side changes will need to be done?